As the youth arm of the California nonprofit corporation, USVRA.US, the mission of the Youth for the Voters' Rights Amendment (Y4VRA) is the enactment and ratification of the U.S. Voters' Rights Amendment.

The USVRA.US recognizes that a youth-led, nonpartisan, mass political movement arising on the high school, college, and university campuses is the only effective way the Amendment will ever become a part of the Constitution of the United States.

We are the future! We demand to have a voice, and we expect to make a difference!


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Trusty Rusty, The Ranger Dog

Rusty hates war and sniffs out evil. A visionary, he dreams about a society in which every child of his People has equal access to nutrition, health care, and education.

Fearless and determined, he is leading his pack of Young People to a happy, creative, and productive future—far beyond their wildest dreams.